Marilyn Stafford’s internationally published work spans from 1948-1980. She has photographed many famous and influential people during her fascinating life including Albert Einstein, Édith Piaf, Indira Gandhi and Sir Richard Attenborough. She has witnessed significant, and sometimes turbulent, periods of modern social and political history.

Her humanitarian work captured the plights of many ordinary people, including refugees,  Parisian children living in slum housing and the illiterate Sicilian peasant woman who took the Mafia to trial for murdering her son. Marilyn documented the Algerian War of Independence in 1958, peacetime Lebanon in the 1960s and India’s intervention in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Alongside her humanitarian focused work, she took advantage of the opportunities open to her as a woman photographer, particularly commissioned portraits and international fashion, which she did in her way through her unique gaze.