Marilyn Stafford: A Life in Photography

Bluecoat Press, October 2021

Edited by Nina Emett.

B/W and colour 270 x 290mm landscape + 228pp.

This retrospective work of US born photographer Marilyn Stafford, encompasses a wide selection of photographs from her international archive spanning five decades from 1948-1983.

It covers Paris & London fashion; celebrities of the day including Edith Piaf, Albert Einstein, Albert Finney, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Joanna Lumley; activists in Rome including Francesca Serio, the first woman to take the mafia to trial for murdering her son; Lebanon in the 1960s during a time of peace; Indira Gandhi, the only woman Prime Minister of India on tour following the Indo-Pakistani War and the Aftermath of the related Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Compiled and edited by Nina Emett, assisted by Marilyn’s daughter Lina Clerke, this book is semi-autobiographical, with a strong personal narrative throughout. It is intended to be a reflective and engaging look at a period of 20th century history through her unique gaze.

”It is only when Marilyn Stafford’s images are gathered all together in a book that you begin to appreciate the breadth and beauty of her work and her life. Actors, artists, writers, politicians, peasants, fashion models, migrants, musicians, refugees, and street children, all captured on film with skill, love, humour and respect. This book has been a long time coming, but it has definitely been worth waiting for. Enjoy!”  Tom Stoddart, photojournalist.

You can purchase the book through Bluecoat Press.

Some of the great feedback this book has received:

“Marilyn Stafford’s photos shorten the distance between viewer and subject. 
This rare skill can only be born from a visceral empathy with those she is photographing, be they a Parisian street urchin or Indira Gandhi; an Algerian refugee mother or Albert Einstein.
This book reflects the astonishing range of her work, from figures such as 
Twiggy in 60s London to the stunned victims of the Bangladesh liberation war, to the Madonna-like image of Francesca Serio who put the Mafia on trial in 1950s Italy.
I sincerely hope this book is just a beginning, and that we shall see much more of 96-year-old Marilyn’s work, in particular, a reprint of the haunting ‘Silent Stories,’ book of photos of pre-civil war Lebanon, where she lived in 1960.”
Caroline Walton, Author, Oral Historian.
“It’s a beautiful book which I shall treasure. You must be very proud. I adore your photographs and will enjoy leafing through and finding so many worlds. Art is always a ‘worlding’. I really appreciate all the design decisions, the curation and the careful decisions about layout and framing by the editor (Nina Emett) alongside your daughter Lina and yourself. Great job. Thank you so much for the book and the many years of intrigue and pleasure it will afford.”
Andy Conio

“It’s such a fabulous publication full of extraordinary images – you could spend hours perusing them. I’m so glad your extraordinary legacy has been so beautifully recognised.”
Jennifer Higgie

“Marilyn’s book arrived yesterday. It is magnificent beyond words. The length, breadth and depth of her work is astounding and moving. I feel honoured to have known her.”

“It is the most beautiful book I’ve had the pleasure of owning. Carol and I are blown away by the sheer excellence of – not only the superb atmospheric photographs, but the dedication of the production team and technicians who put the project together. It is a work of the highest order and we congratulate you on your remarkable achievement.”

“I had to write. I’ve got around 15 of the publisher’s previous titles and enjoy them all but I have to say this new one is a masterpiece. It’s the best yet and is just stunning.”